AMBROX was founded to create value and generate growth through innovative products and solutions.

The aim of AMBROX is to identify and structure investment opportunities that wealthy private investors are not usually offered in the private banking departments. We do not offer traditional asset management but structure individual investment opportunities where we invite investors to co-invest with us and look to add the partners, both financial and operational, we deem best suited for the task at hand, on a per investment basis.

Our approach os opportunistic yet focused on our competitive advantage, our culture and our strategy. We are guided by value creation and are not tied to any one product category or industry sector and we will not invest in a project unless we as a team can add value.

We are proactive and open-minded in identifying Investment opportunities as well as in our work to convert opportunities to Investment realities based on among others agility and experience.

The core values within our work is Integrity, Innovation and Execution.

AMBROX is a unique investment business based on intelligent risk structures compared to performance and diversification of traditional investment classes.