Niels Hauge Kayser

Niels Hauge Kayser has spent over 25 years in the investment banking industry, where his main emphasis has been on FX trading and sales.

Niels started trading in Danske Markets and has since worked in different local investment houses with various asset classes but mostly FX and short term interest rates. He has specialised in derivatives such as options and futures.  Later he joined ABN AMRO Copenhagen working for both Torben Helstrup and Nils Lorenzen as FX senior trader. Before joining AMBROX Niels spent 6 years with FIH Erhvervsbank building up the FX trading and sales activities.

In between these postings Niels has worked with financial communication and marketing and was one of the pioneers trying to introduce hedge funds to institutional Danish investors more than 15 years ago.

Niels holds different diplomas and licenses in financial trading and has a Master degree in communication.

In 2016 Niels completed an education as real estate agent with CPH Business school.